Corporate Social Responsibility

Are you an organisation that wants to support Gen Z and help them understand what your company does and what your values are?

At Exit Entry we are here to help businesses support students and connect the dots to the world of work.

The next generation of consumers and decision makers are seeking to work with businesses that they can trust and are willing to help make changes in their communities. Are you that business?

Exit Entry

Exit Entry is an Irish Educational technology platform that measures the skills and interests of students to connect them with opportunities in college and work. Our science was developed in collaboration with DCU and is supported by 60 years of research.

We have a growing community of over 45,000 post-primary student users that we want to connect with businesses that support the growth of students, while caring about building a sustainable world.

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Gen Z are...


Socially conscious:

Social awareness is second nature to Gen Z, who have grown up immersed in the internet and social media. Endless information means this generation knows what’s going on in the world around them.


Growing up in a heavily digital environment with an ever-growing number of devices and programs has inspired their eagerness to learn new skills.

Ethnically diverse:

The networked world they have grown up in kept everyone in touch through social media and messaging apps, making it possible to foster friendships with people across all ethnicities, races, locations, genders, and ideals. With networks across demographics, Gen Z aren’t afraid of speaking out against discrimination and many of them actively support diversity and inclusion.

Already making changes:

Ireland is home to some amazing young people who are using their voices for the greater good. We want to help this generation wherever possible to achieve their goals.

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Our Goal


Creating opportunities for everyone.

Is your business working to support the Sustainable Development Goals?

Exit Entry works with businesses to support student initiatives that align with SDGs, while building a sustainable future for the change makers of tomorrow.

We are committed to creating access, inclusion and opportunities for everyone and believe in working  together with other businesses to achieve this.

By partnering with Exit Entry to support students you will be building a relationship and earning the trust of the next generation of decision makers and consumers. 

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IBM SkillsBuild Partnership


Our partnership with IBM began in 2021 when we integrated SkillsBuild micro-credential badges of learning into the Exit Entry app.

These are FREE for every student user in post primary School from 1st to 6th year to complete. There are a range of topics covered, from Visual Design to Mindfulness. They can be completed independently on their smartphones at home and also in the classroom with the support of their teachers.

Upon completion of each badge, students will earn an accredited IBM SkillsBuild badge.

Since 2021, thousands of students have completed micro-credential badges of learning through the Exit Entry app. 

IBM are an organisation committed to supporting students globally.

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